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Reserve Your Car

Car Rental Reservation

Please use your confirmation # on our modify | cancel page to make the necessary changes. 

For last minute reservations we advise you to call us at 1-866-50-GLOBE (Canada and US), or 331-8288-0494 (EU) Eastern Standard Time.

Yes, you can check prices and availability online without needing to book a vehicle. Do not proceed to STEP 4

All online reservations are valid even without a credit card number. During high season (June 15 - Sept 30 & Dec 15 - Dec 31 inclusively), Globe will contact all its clients 2-5 days prior to scheduled pick up and ask for a credit card number to secure their reservation.

Yes you can change any option by using our modify page to make the necessary changes.  

Child seats information can be found on the Quebec Highway Safety code laws & regulations website: Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec

Yes, you can modify any detail of your reservation before the pickup date, even the duration of the rental. Please note that any modification in the dates or time of the rental may change your rate.

  1. Yes, during low season (Jan 1st – June 14th & Oct 1st – Dec 14th) you can cancel at any time.
  2. Yes, during high season (June 15th to Sep 15th & Dec 15th to Dec 31st) provided your cancellation is 48 hours prior to scheduled pick up date.  Otherwise, one day rental charge will apply. 

Follow this link for instructions, phone # and meeting point.

Yes, if the other location has availability, however please note that changing the pickup location may change your rate.

All our G.P.S (Navigation System) are complimentary.  Although we cannot garantee a G.P.S. with every rental, 96% of our vehicles go out with a free GPS.

Yes, you may extend your contract by contacting one of our customer service specialists.

Yes, below are 3 options that we accept to add after a rental contract is opened:

  1. if you decide to take the car to the U.S.A.
  2. if you require a child seat
  3. if you need to add an additional driver (a copy of his/her driver's license is required)

You have to call roadside assistance (their number is on the back of the key tag). They will assist you on the spot if possible. Otherwise they will tow the vehicle to the closest dealership.  It’s also important that you contact Globe Car Rental and inform us of the issue.

Depending on the nature of the  breakdown and the coverage you select at time of rental we will do everything we can to assist you.  Learn more about trip interruption packages we offer such as Practical Assistance Package (PAP).

Our rates are based on a 24-hour car rental period with a one-day minimum charge even if the vehicle is returned before the 24 hours. If the car is not returned on time as per the return time & day of the contract the following applies:

  1. The first hour is grace
  2. The second and third hours are chargeable at the hourly rate
  3. If later than 2 hours, a full day rate will be charged
  4. Please note: charges for all optional items such as CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) are charged at the full day rate