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Car Rental Payment

A valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) is required.
We do not accept payments in cash. If you select Globe’s CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) then you may pay by debit card or in cash, however we will still require a valid credit card.  If you are using one of our kiosk, then credit card is the only method of payment accepted in all cases.

Yes, but only if the card was issued outside of Canada.

Yes, unless you add other options which may affect the price.

The total amount of the rental will have to be paid at the time of pick up as well as a 300$ pre-authorization (or 500$ if CDW coverage is selected alone without the PAP) which will automatically expire after 3-7 days.

No deposit is required, however Globe Car Rental will freeze $300 pre-authorization (or 500$ if CDW coverage is selected alone without the PAP) on your credit card. The pre-authorization will not appear on your credit card statement and will expire automatically after 3-7 business days; no need to ask Globe for a credit.

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold and doesn't appear on your credit card statement unless used.  It may be used to pay any tickets, extra kilometers or missing gas, etc.  A pre-authorization expires after 3-7 days automatically after the car is returned.

No, the payment must be taken at the time of pick up.

No, all fees must be paid at the location from which you pick up the vehicle.

No, Globe does not charge administrative fees, except in the case of unpaid tickets.

Yes, we charge $8.95/day for each additional driver.

No, for security reasons, the credit card holder needs to present the credit card in person at the time of car pick-up.

By law, we are required to pay plating fees for all of our vehicles.

According to Ministry of Transport of Quebec winter tires are mandatory during the winter season. This requires us to store and change 2 sets of tires (Summer & Winter) at every season.  The tire fee covers the cost of tires, installation, balance, equipment, and storage. 

The Third Party liability insurance coverage in the U.S is required by law to be much higher than in Canada. Therefore, for your protection we provide more extensive coverage by increasing your coverage from $1million to $5 million.

You can use up to two Globe cash-cards per rental contract.

Yes, provided they have an account with us and you are an authorized driver.  

Or, your personal name must appear on the company’s credit card and you must be present at time of rental.

Globe Car Rental will match a lower price from our competition plus a 5% discount upon presentation of a written quotation for the same period, location, class of vehicle and model year. (This price match is not applicable from June 15 - Sept 15 & Dec 15 - Dec 31. Quotes from 3rd party travel sites not eligible)

The taxes that will apply on your rental are the Federal GST (5% - Goods and Services Tax) and the Provincial QST (9.975% - Quebec Sales Tax).

No, our prices are the same whether you book online, in person or by phone.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept prepaid credit cards.

Yes, you may.  However, the card holder must be present at the time of pick up with you.  The card holder will automatically become the primary driver and you will become the secondary driver even if the card holder is not driving the vehicle.   A $8.95/day fee applies (to a maximum of $89.50 per contract).