Current Openings


Current Opening

  • Administrative Assistant ($38K - $42K / Year)DetailDown

    Full-Time 40 hrs/week
    Salary: $38,000 - $42,00/Year (plus benefits and perks)


    The receptionist represents the public face of a business. She is often the first person a customer sees or the first voice he hears over the phone.

    Positive Attitude
    Whether over the phone or in person, the receptionist's attitude comes through loud and clear. It's been said that callers can tell when a person is smiling over the phone, and they can surely tell when she is not.

    Organizational Ability
    An organized receptionist makes everyone's job easier. She knows where to find the documents, files and phone numbers her boss, co-workers and customers need. A receptionist must also be able to work independently, keep herself on track and accomplish her tasks without direct supervision.

    Technology Skills
    Office technology is constantly changing, and receptionists must be able to operate a variety of equipment and systems. Phone systems usually have more than one line and multiple functions. Computer skills are a must, particularly word processing and email.

    When the phone goes unanswered during normal business hours, or a line of impatient customers waits in front of the empty reception desk, it reflects poorly on the business. A receptionist is counted on to be at the desk on time in the morning, be prompt returning from lunch, answer correspondence quickly and give accurate, reliable information about the company to all inquiries.

    Good Listening Skills
    Taking the time to listen is essential to the receptionist's role. Good receptionists listen closely as clients are talking so they can be efficient in solving their problems or answering their questions


    • Perfectly Bilingual – written & spoken. (You will be required to take linguistic proficiency test)

    • Excellent telephone manner

    • 3 years minimum experience in an office environment required

    • High School Diploma or equivalent required (Post-Secondary Education is an asset)

    • Proven ability to take initiative in solving problems independently

    • Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to follow-up independently

    • Ability to respond as a team player in a multi-tasking environment

    • Must possess aptitude for technical, detail-oriented work

    • Superior software and typing skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

    • Exceptional customer service

    • Ability to work under pressure 

  • Customer Service $16/hr: Base ($12) + Commissions ($4/avg)DetailDown

    The Customer Service Agent is responsible for serving clients in a quick and professional manner in order to ensure organizational efficiency and high level of customer satisfaction.

    1.   Rental Duties

    •  Answer telephone to provide info + receive orders
    •  Speak to customer in English when s/he speaks English/English, French/French
    •  Greet customers and discuss their car rental needs
    •  Pick & Drop up clients as needed
    •  Deliver vehicles that are ready and clean
    •  Open, close contracts, and other Documentation.
    •  Confirm Reservations by follow up phone call
    •  Ensure all contracts and condition reports are complete, re-rinse exterior if needed
    •  Ensure Delivery is done in a professional manner and efficiently
    •  Receive returned vehicles, inspect and close contract
    •  Assisting team members in daily planning
    •  Ad hoc projects (prepping and/or rinsing cars)

    2.   Administrative Duties

    •  Fully proficient in Globe’s policies and procedures
    •  Be Ready for quizzes from time to time without notice and pass them with 80%
    •  Some of the duties are (but not limited to):

    A) answering client questions

    B) filling out rental agreement

    C) doing condition report at departure and at return

    •  Proper filing and follow office procedures
    •  Assist in various administrative duties as needed
    •  Email important notices, issues to proper person / department,
    •  Respond to emails

    3.  Perform other related duties as required

    4.  Must be fluently bilingual

    5.  Possess a valid Canadian driver license

  • Car Washer ($12 - $14/hr)DetailDown

    Assist co-workers with car washing duties, customer service, and general help with Globe’s day-to-day activities.
    1.   Car Wash

    •  Learn proper car wash technique
    •  Learn proper car vacuuming
    •  Ensure quality control / check list
    •  Ensure car smells and looks clean
    •  Return all lost items / process

    2.   General Help

    •  Assist co-workers in customer service
    •  Pick and Drop up clients as needed
    •  Assist Fleet Manager in transporting cars
    •  Assist in ensuring tires are inflated correctly
    •  Organize Kids area, plants and Garage area as needed
    •  Make sure front & rear entrance is free of snow and apply salt as needed
    •  Take out garbage bin as needed

    3.   Customer Service

    •  Speak to a client in a professional and courteous manner
    •  Speak to customer in English when s/he speaks English, French/French

    4.  Perform other related duties as required


    Save on a wide range of products and employee benefits including:


    • Sales Commissions
    • Multi-tier Objective Bonuses
    • Free 3 Day Employee Rental
    • 20% Discount on all Rentals (Family & Friends)
    • 100's of exlusive deals on Perkopolis
    • Paid Full Day off on your Birthday
    • Automobile Purchase Plan & Leasing
    • Electronics (for Manager and above)
    • Expense Account (for Manager and above)
    • Energie Cardio Health Club Discount



    Other perks included:


    • Comprehensive health benefits
    • Car Wash Freebies
    • Service Award Program
    • Employee Referral Bonuses
    • Recognition Awards
    • Telecommunications
    • Company Sponsored Events


  • Honesty is one of the values that we live and breathe each day; actually it’s covered within a whole section of our training manual for new employees. You see, at the end of the day, we too want to sleep better. 

  • We love people and we strive to hire new employees who love to talk and interact with the public.

  • Fun

    We believe in having fun at work. We don’t merely want to exist, we want to live! But what happens when we stop playing… we tend to age. Our goal is to continue maintaining that youthful spirit and never stop to enjoy and have fun. Care to join us?

  • We play hard but make sure that we all have fun doing it. We also take our jobs seriously because we want to grow.  Not everything in life is a shortcut. 

  • We do quite a few thing right…such as listening. We take the time to listen to our employees and to our customers when they offer suggestions.  We believe in the good, better, best approach. If’s it’s good, let’s see how we can make it better. 

  • Global warming has already had a huge effect on our planet. We’ve taken measures to do our part such as implementing various recycling programs.  We are succeeding.

  • With over 23,000 local, national and international car rental consumers visiting our website each month, we need to be prepared to talk the talk.  And we do. From the moment you visit our site or when you come to one of our offices, you will notice that we are serious about our business. You see we take pride in offering you the lowest prices as well as a pleasant experience. Enough said!