Celebrate Globe Car Rental Diversity 

Careers & Diversity at Globe Car Rental


Diversity is a fundamental aspect of who we are. We do not see color, creed, or nationality, we see individuals who love what they do.  Canada is a country rich with culture. Did you know that there are over 100 ethnic groups residing in our great nation? And most people have managed to retain their culture and language.  So it’s not uncommon to speak more than one language, or have friends of various different ethnicities.  And that’s one of the many things that make Canada so unique, diverse and welcoming.   When Renting a Car @ Globe in Montreal, you can expect even more diversity.

Bonjour! ~ Languages we speak

Bonjour, Bueno Dias. Ciao.  We at Globe Auto Rental, take pride in providing a culturally diverse environment where our auto rental agents speak one or more of the following languages:  Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Russian, Filipino, Hebrew, Yiddish, Creole, Berber and of course English & French.

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    Save on a wide range of products and employee benefits including:


    • Sales Commissions
    • Multi-tier Objective Bonuses
    • Free 3 Day Employee Rental
    • 20% Discount on all Rentals (Family & Friends)
    • 100's of exlusive deals on Perkopolis
    • Paid Full Day off on your Birthday
    • Automobile Purchase Plan & Leasing (30% Off)
    • Electronics (for Manager and above)
    • Expense Account (for Manager and above)
    • Energie Cardio Health Club Discount



    Other perks included:


    • Comprehensive health benefits
    • Car Wash Freebies
    • Service Award Program
    • Employee Referral Bonuses
    • Recognition Awards
    • Telecommunications
    • Company Sponsored Events


  • Honesty is one of the values that we live and breathe each day; actually it’s covered within a whole section of our training manual for new employees. You see, at the end of the day, we too want to sleep better. 

  • We love people and we strive to hire new employees who love to talk and interact with the public.

  • Fun

    We believe in having fun at work. We don’t merely want to exist, we want to live! But what happens when we stop playing… we tend to age. Our goal is to continue maintaining that youthful spirit and never stop to enjoy and have fun. Care to join us?

  • We play hard but make sure that we all have fun doing it. We also take our jobs seriously because we want to grow.  Not everything in life is a shortcut. 

  • We do quite a few thing right…such as listening. We take the time to listen to our employees and to our customers when they offer suggestions.  We believe in the good, better, best approach. If’s it’s good, let’s see how we can make it better. 

  • Global warming has already had a huge effect on our planet. We’ve taken measures to do our part such as implementing various recycling programs.  We are succeeding.

  • With over 23,000 local, national and international car rental consumers visiting our website each month, we need to be prepared to talk the talk.  And we do. From the moment you visit our site or when you come to one of our offices, you will notice that we are serious about our business. You see we take pride in offering you the lowest prices as well as a pleasant experience. Enough said!