Yep it’s that cool

Want to commute to work by bike, why not rent one and see if you are made for this? Even just try it and see how cool it is. Surprise someone for their birthday and get them an unforgettable gift.



Find out what is happening

Find out what is happening For 50 years, Vélo Québec has lots of events and ideas to do in and around Montreal & Quebec It constantly encourages the use of bicycles for recreation, tourism or as a clean, active mode of transportation. Check it out!

Fat bike videos

Girls do it better! 

Yes they do. This Pink Video is awesome!  See it to believe it. Girls have their own clubs. Here is the complete list of local Bicycle Clubs and Cyclist in Quebec.


Middle of winter – Street fun

Ride this fat tire bike in pure snow. It is incredibly amazing with great grip and control. On-demand power accelerator pushes you beyond your imagination.


Rent your Electric Bike
with this awesome lock now


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