Peace of mind!

Cheap bike rental coverage from Globe gives you peace of mind when renting a bicycle. We cover riding your bike off-road and trail biking.



Globe optional coverage for the eBike covers the renter for damages sustained by an accident to the bike itself. It never covers the renter or 3rd party.  This eBike coverage is not insurance and it is not mandatory. It does not offer full coverage. The deductible is $500 in all cases. If you don’t purchase this coverage, you will be responsible for the full value of the eBike, loss of use, and all cost related to any loss as stipulated in Article 4 of the bike rental agreement.


eBike Coverage What is covered? What is not covered?
The complete bike frame Covered  
The tires, wheels, valves and spokes Covered  
All brakes, cables and disc Covered  
All transmission parts Covered  
The crank arm and pedals Covered  
The seat and shaft Covered  
Handle bar and shaft Covered  
All lights, rear rack and accessories  Covered  
All Controls – Brakes, gears and compass Covered  
All Electronics – Module, Batteries & Display Covered  
Theft or loss of the bike   Not covered
Theft or loss of any items   Not covered
Key replacement is $50 per occurrence   Not covered

Any Damage or loss if:
  • I participate in races or contests
  • The eBike is submerged in water
  • I carry other people with eBike
  • Someone else was riding the eBike
  • I intentionally or/negligently cause damage or loss
  • I left the eBike unattended or unsecured
  • I ride the eBike impaired due to alcohol or drugs
  Not covered


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