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Renting a bike is probably a new experience for many people.  Below you will find answers to many questions you may have about Mountain Bike rental, what to do, how it works, safety, etc… We are assure 100% fun!




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About the bike

What is the point of bicycling and exercising if you have a motor?

Very good question! While you can certainly ride eBikes without pedaling, the best way to think of it is power at your disposal. Add horsepower gives you leverage to further your trip and enjoy a longer ride.

Are your rental bikes new?

Yes, all our bikes are less than 12 months old. We actively change our fleet to new ones every year.

How difficult is it to ride an Ebike?

If you can ride a regular conventional bicycle, you can ride an eBike! When you make a reservation, you will be given a quick start video to get you accustomed to the Bike.

What is the maximum speed does this mountain bike go?

Top speed for electric bicycles with throttle only is 32 KMS/Hour. If you are going to assist in peddling, you can reach +50 KMS/hour and more. However, when going uphill the max speed will drop depending on the degree of the hill, wind, and weight.

What is the difference between your foldable and non-foldable bike?

The foldable bike is great for transportation and very versatile. It is great for cruising around the city even on water, dirt roads, sand, etc…as it has fat tires. You can fit 2 bikes in most or our car rentals.

The bigger bike can be ridden smoothly anywhere, but is essentially a mountain bike. If you are looking to go on rugged terrain then, the best option would be to rent a mountain bike in Montreal.

How far can I travel on a single charge of the battery?

Travel distance of all our bikes depends on road conditions and how many hills you will be traveling on and if you pedal assisting. Normally, on flat surfaces you can travel up to 60 kilometers.


How long will it take to charge the bike battery?

Normally 4-5 hours.


How can I prolong the life and distance per charge?

Always charge the eBike after each use whenever possible to keep it fully charged. So even if the battery is still showing ¾ full, charge it overnight again. This will give you optimum performance with your eBike.


Can I ride the bicycle in the rain or snow?

Yes, absolutely. That is where the fun starts!


Do I get a lock with the bike?

Yes, all our bicycle rentals come with integrated and innovative locks.


What is the weight capacity of the bike?

Normally, you should not accede 250 pounds. Never transport people on the bike.


Can I fit 2 foldable eBikes into the car?

Depends on which bike you rent and the size of vehicle you are renting. Foldable bike: can fit in any size car by folding and place one in the trunk and the other inside the car by folding the back seat to allow for roomier space to transport it! Be careful not rip the seats.  Non-foldable: Full-size Pick Up and Minivans only.


I like this particular eBike, can I purchase it?

Yes, you can. Kindly advise which model you are interested and send an email to Someone will get back to you quickly.


Bike Rental Rules (See Bike Rental Agreement)

How old do you have to be tor rent an eBike?

You must be 18 years or older to rent an eBike in Montreal with a proof of age (picture ID).


Can I go off-road with the bike rental?

Yes you can, however, remember that you are responsible for any damage sustained to the bike and any injury will be at your own risk and expense.


Can I park and lock the bike outside overnight?

The bike must be able to be stored overnight in a secure manner. Absolutely no street overnight storage unless when returning to Globe branches with underground garages or branches with CCTV cameras.


Can my friend ride with me?

Yes, but not on the same bike rental together, there is place only for one person.


Do I have to stop at red lights?

Yes, please visit SAAQ for all Cyclist related rules and regulations.


Can I take the rented bike to other provinces or the USA?

Yes you can, please be aware of local laws and liability.


Can I attach anything to the bike rental?

You can on the rear rack. If you do so, it is at your own risk. Never pull anything with an electric Bike. Any tampering is strictly prohibited.


Agreement, Payment & Returns

Do I need a credit card to rent any of the bikes?

Yes, credit card is mandatory.


Can I rent a bike without renting a car?

Yes, absolutely!


Can I pay you in cash for the bike rental?

You can, however, you must also have a credit card in your name at time of bike rental for the mandatory pre-authorization of $500.


Do I have to sign anything?

Yes, you have to read and agree to all documents including Globe eBike Rental Agreement.


Can I cancel the reservation of the ebike, but keep the car rental?

Yes, absolutely. Visit this web rental cancellation page to cancel your eBike reservation.


If I am also renting a car for 1 week for example, can I rent the bike only few days and bring it back while keeping the car only?

Yes, it is a separate agreement.


Can I bring the rented eBike back early?

Yes, but there will be no refunds for unused time.


Can I bring back the rental bike in Montreal to any branch after-hours?

You can, however, it is not recommended. If you choose to do so, you will be responsible for any damage or theft. Make sure you pass the lock through the helmet and tie the bike properly and drop the key in the drop box.


Do I need any documentation?

No documentation, registration or plates required.


Coverage, Locks & Safety (Helmet)

How does the lock work?

We use seatylock, an innovative bike lock that doubles as a saddle! See it here.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

In Quebec, an eBike cyclist must wear a helmet at all times according to SAAQ. There are fines if you don’t. For other provinces and the USA, check for local regulations. You must adjust and properly wear the helmet.


What size helmet do I need?

All helmets are large one size fits all, with adjustable strap.


I have my own helmet; do I still need to pay for yours?

If you have your own helmet, you can use that one as well. However, the helmet fee will not be credited from your rental agreement


Do I need other protection for myself physically?

It is up to you. There are elbow pads, knee pads and gloves you can buy. Globe doesn’t supply those for hygiene reasons.


What about the electric bike itself, can I buy protection?

Yes, you can buy bike rental protection for $9.95/day. This will limit your responsible for the first $500. Globe will cover the total cost for the rest of the damage up to the full value of the bike, provided you were not negligent and not in breach of contract. If you do not purchase Globe Bike Coverage, you are fully responsible for any loss up to the full value of the bike. Please read your rental agreement for full details and at the local police station. The rental agreement that you’ll sign before departure explain your responsibility in details.


What if I get injured?

You are responsible for your own medical expenses. See the eBike Rental Agreement for more details. If you have an accident with a car, coverage in Quebec from SAAQ may be available even for tourist. Please call the local transportation office of the SAAQ for more information.


What is my liability in case of an accident?

  • Globe does not offer any liability coverage whatsoever. No fault insurance applies in Quebec (for other provinces and the USA, check with the local laws).
  • If you have an insurance policy for your home, it may apply to a bike rental. Check with your insurance broker.


What if I get a flat tire or if the rental bike breaks down?

Our bicycles are professionally maintained and checked before every bike rental.

  • Any damage caused to the bike due to accidents, falls, flat tires are the responsibility of the renter unless you purchased Globe Bike Coverage.
  • Any damage caused by normal wear & tear, defects will be covered by Globe.
  • Please do not tamper with the rented eBike.

For guidance, call the branch you rented the eBike from, they will be able to assist you. If you are out of town, and have purchased Globe Bike Coverage, you must get authorization before attempting any repairs at 3rd party bike shops. Remember, we have a very limited amount of eBikes, we will provide a replacement only if one is available. Any credits to unused portion will be made within 10 business days.



What happens if my rental electric bike gets damaged or lost?

If your rental electric bike is damaged in any way, you are entirely responsible for the loss unless you purchased Globe Bike Coverage. You must inform Globe within 24 hours and immediately file police report at the local police station. The rental agreement that you’ll sign before departure explain your responsibility in details.

What happens if my rental electric bike gets stolen or loss?

You are responsible for any loss or theft of the bike. Globe Bike Coverage does NOT cover you in case of theft or loss. Globe Bike Coverage does NOT cover you in case of theft or loss.


What are the Mandatory fees?

Helmet $1.99/day Lock $0.99/day



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